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Passport and visas
Visas are NOT necessary for entry by South African citizens carrying a South African passport into Mozambique.
Please note, all children travelling need unabridged birth certificates.

All foreign passport holders are required to have a Visa. They are obtainable from the Mozambican Consulates in most countries. In South Africa the Mozambique Consulates in Cape Town, Pretoria and Nelspruit are your best bet. Visas can be obtained at the Resano Garcia (Mozambique side of Komatipoort) border post. Our advice is 'be conservative' and get your visas from one of the above consulates.
Normal processing time is about a week. Remember that there is usually a rush for visas close to school holidays - get yours early. If it's your 'first time visa' you will need to supply passport photographs. Do make sure that your passport is valid for six months before applying for a visa.
Visas are also available from the Mozambique Consulate in Durban, West Street - and can be attained in as little as two days.

Driver's Licenses are very important, bring yours with you and always carry it with you if you intend driving in Mozambique.

Malaria Precautions
Mozambique falls in a malaria belt - Please consult your doctor.

A well stocked cash bar is available. Account to be settled prior to departure.

Payment for all expenses incurred at the Lodge, must be checked and settled prior to your departure.

Travel insurance
Highly recommended as for all travels abroad, including Mozambique.

Enquiries and reservations
Contact details can be found on our 'Contact Us' page or email us at jolenemcglash@gmail.com

Please Note:
You will need a 4x2 or 4x4 vehicle to get to the Lodge, and is also advisable for driving on the beach.

Renown fishing, especially game (sailfish, king Mackeral, Barracuda, shark, marlin and Kingfish). Fly fishing for most species of Kingfish, queenfish, bonefish, barracuda and many other species. Surf fishing for barracuda, kingfish, pompana, blacktip sharks and many species of rays and guitarfish.

Swimming in the lagoon in front of the lodge is safe and pleasant.
Swimming at the main beach is fine at low tide, but can be dangerous at high tide, when currents are strong and the surf is rough.

Marine life
Dolphins frequent the deep water channels near the lodge. Hump back whales, whale sharks and leather back turtles can be seen from time to time.

Mozambique Accommodation
Mozambique online quide to holiday accommodation and travel information

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